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  1. What is this site?
  2. How does this work?
  3. Who run 4walled?
  4. Where do I report problems? or I have this great idea, who do I tell?
  5. How do I tag images?
  6. What happed to 4scrape?
  7. Why are there ads everywhere?

What is this site?

If you're aware of the 4chan or 7chan imageboards,
then you would be aware they have wallpaper boards.
The problem with these boards is they are frequently clogged
with people posting the same wallpapers over and over again,
so this site downloads all the wallpapers posted on 4chanís /w/, /hr/, and /wg/ boards
and 7chanís /wp/ board.
It then stores the image in a database ready for you to search.
Some images have no searchable features
(for example, the filename is "1251193196442.jpg")
and so these images need tagging.

How does it work?

4walled uses a script to look for images posted on the boards listed above.
When it finds new images, it adds them to a searchable database.

Who runs it?

The site is currently run and moderated by 4 individuals.
You can find them on IRC as ThermalSloth, slashbeast, jonathan and ffMeta.
ThermalSloth handles administrative tasks such as paying for the server and handling ads and donations.
slashbeast is the primary server adminstrater and handles software configurations.
jonathan is the primary developer,
and is responsible for adding new features to the site and improving existing ones.
ffMeta wrote the image scraper that is used to collect images from the boards.

Where do I report problems?
I have this great idea, who do I tell?

If the problem prevents you from viewing the site,
then send us an email at [email protected].
Other problems or suggestions either e-mail or drop by on the IRC channel and let us know.

How do I tag images?

Whenever you search for images, it shows the results in a thumbnailed form.
When you click on the thumbnail, an image detail page is loaded with a field where you can edit tags.
There is also a report button to report images which either aren't wallpapers,
are just plain stupid, or are illegal in most jurisdictions for wallpapers (e.g. gore, cp, bestiality).

What happened to 4scrape?

See http://blog.desudesudesu.org/?p=1525 for the core of the matter.
I chose not to use his code for the reasons he's mentioned as well.
For anyone who has viewed it,
they would also agree that itís poorly documented so it's hard for other programmers to pick up and correct.

Why are there ads everywhere?

A valid question.
The ads are there to help pay for the server costs (donating helps more though).